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Ebola Outbreak 2014 An intensive guide to the whats, whys and hows of this year’s Ebola outbreak
September 16,2014
Mamadee, 11, was admitted to MSF's Ebola management centre in Foya, Liberia on 15 August 2014. He tested positive for Ebola, but recovered, and was... more
September 11,2014
Pierre Trbovic, an anthropologist from Belgium, arrived in the Liberian capital, Monrovia in late August to help with MSF’s response to the Ebola... more
September 09,2014
Central African Republic: MSF denounces violence against teams and health facilities that has forced the suspension of activities in the city of... more
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Raghubir Kumar (Caused by a parasite transmitted by sand flies which thrive in some parts of rural Bihar, kala-azar (black fever) or visceral leishmaniasis is almost fatal if left untreated. The 2012 national data reveals that Bihar is host to nearly 80 per cent of the kala-azar patients... more

Letters from the Field

CAR: "The population does not buy the idea that this is a religious conflict”

The Central African Republic (CAR) continues to be immersed in the violence and uncertainty caused by the coup d’état that took place 18 months ago.Direct clashes between the anti-Balaka militias and former Seleka groups have become less frequent but the fighting continues... more