Syria: A Portrait of Suffering Medical data provides a stark warning that 2015 must not be repeated
Matthew Smeal/MSF
Road to Elimination A film about MSF's efforts to combat kala azar in Bihar
Malika Gupta/MSF
Walking that extra mile MSF in Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Telangana
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MSF activities in India Discover our projects in seven Indian states
June 30,2016
Amman, Jordan. 30 June – Around 60,000 people who are stuck in extremely harsh conditions close to Jordan’s northeastern border with Syria need... more
June 27,2016
“I had the opportunity to work in Germany but I refused. I want to work in Syria because people need us, and we are now facing a huge shortage of... more
June 23,2016
Critical Humanitarian Needs for Displaced in Bama, Borno State, Nigeria  Abuja, Paris, June 22, 2016—A catastrophic humanitarian emergency is... more
  Migration - MSF resumes search and rescue activities in Mediterranean SeaSyria - Al Quds hospital destroyed in airstrikes.A Fair Shot - MSF delivers petition demanding reduction in price of pneumonia vaccineUganda – Fishing community severely... more
  Shareefa was diagnosed with conversion disorder at the young age of 19. Upon referral from a psychiatrist, she was brought to one of the MSF clinics in North Kashmir by her father and uncle. Hailing from a lower-middle class family of the Pattan region (one of the villages in North... more

Letters from the Field

Grateful, not gratified

Dr Bhavna Chawla, a surgeon, recently returned from her first mission with MSF in Lankien, South Sudan. In this letter, she recounts her experience of delivering emergency surgical care in a conflict situation.