February 2016

Submitted by admin on February 26, 2016

Patent challenge hearing on Gilead hepatitis C drug sofosbuvir starts in India

New Delhi/New York, 26 February 2016— In proceedings that could have major implications for millions of people waiting for affordable access to a life-saving hepatitis C drug, the Indian Patent office this week will begin hearings to determine whether US pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences deserves a patent for sofosbuvir, a hepatitis C drug for which the company currently charges US$1,000 per pill in the US.

GA Debates

Readings for Debate and Panel Discussion

The 2016 General Assembly agenda includes a debate on Migration and a Panel Discussion on HICs. To encourage active participation and a healthy, informed debate, the SARA team has found some articles and videos which explain these topics; provide context, opinions, and facts about both. The concept notes prepared by the SARA board for these discussions can also be found below.