July 2016

Fundraise for MSF

Fundraising gives you the chance to be creative with your donations to MSF. From bake sales and sponsored sky dives to donations on your birthday, almost any occasion can be turned into a fundraising event. The money you raise will help fuel the delivery of medical aid to those who need it most. Find out more about how your money is spent. 

Employee Engagement

If you would like to raise more awareness about our work in your office, we can arrange for a member from our field teams to come and speak about their experiences and talk about the challenges communities face in getting access to healthcare and how MSF addresses these. We also, offer collaborations in terms of joint campaigns.

Together, we can explore payroll giving and voluntary work hours to provide access to healthcare to those who need it most!

CSR engagement

CSR funds are a lasting investment in MSF, advancing our mission and ensuring our ability to respond to the challenges we will face in the future. We invite you to strengthen our commitment by considering us for a CSR partnership.


Sponsor the cost of MSF activities such as events, advertising, and campaigns and help us execute our fundraising and awareness activities more efficiently. We welcome you to get involved with our work through pro bono services and products.

Corporate Support

Recipient of the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) delivers emergency medical relief to victims of war and disaster, regardless of politics, race, religion, or ethnicity in nearly 70 countries. 

Individual Support

Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) raises most of its income from private sources, which helps to ensure operational independence and flexibility. When MSF works in complex contexts, access to healthcare is a challenge and humanitarian assistance is not always clearly defined, the organisation ensures its independence by relying solely on private financial donations to fund its activities.