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Besides the practical considerations, there are many intangible benefits. Working for MSF is a challenging and rewarding personal and professional experience that allows you to help people in a very real way. MSF encourages field workers to continue working for the organisation beyond their first mission, and we offer various career opportunities to our field workers.

Gaining more and varied MSF field experience makes you eligible for coordination positions in the mission such as Logistical, Medical, or Project Coordinator, or Head of Mission.

No. The majority of our volunteers have a medical or nursing background but we also need skilled support staff. This include:  

  1. Paramedical professionals (nutritionists, laboratory scientist)
  2. Logistical support staff/technical experts (general logisticians, water and sanitation engineers)
  3. Financial controllers

 MSF does not recruit the following professionals as expatriate staff:

  1. Acupuncturists
  2. Aroma therapists
  3. Oncologists
  4. Dentists / dental surgeons
  5. Dieticians
  6. Doctors of traditional Chinese medicine
  7. BUMS (Unani), BAMS (Ayurveda) and BHMS (Homeopathy)
  8. Massage therapists
  9. (Most) super-specialised surgeons
  10. Occupational therapists
  11. Ophthalmologists
  12. Traditional birth attendants

(MSF may very occasionally recruit any of the profiles mentioned above to work in one of the projects in India)

Length of service remuneration which is to cover running costs in their mission and the job required. The usual length of a first mission is between 9 and 12 months. Medical doctors with an availability of only 6 months may be considered. Surgeons and anesthesiologists deployed in acute crises may serve for a period of six weeks or more.

No. All posts for first-time volunteers are unaccompanied. Living conditions in the field and security concerns make it impossible for family members to accompany volunteers.  Also, most mission locations do not allow for friends or family members to visit volunteers. Accompanied posts may be offered to coordination staff, depending on field conditions and requirements.

It is very rare to find two open positions for first mission volunteers in the same project at the same time. Couples may apply at the same time but they should realise that they will probably be working in different countries.

No, the professional teams we send to the field cannot accommodate observers, untrained helpers or others who lack the qualifications and experience to be full participants in the work of the mission. All volunteers working in field projects must go through the normal recruitment procedure.

While there is no rigid limit, a candidate’s chances of selection decrease markedly if they have not worked in their profession within the last two or three years.

Coordination positions are usually filled by experienced MSF staff. Occasionally MSF does recruit Medical, Project and Logistic coordinators. Successful applicants for these positions will have extensive field experience, in a coordination role, with another NGO that carries out similar work to that of MSF, and has similar values. If you feel you have the experience and ability to work as part of a senior management team in the field please contact the HR department.

No, the conditions encountered on field missions demand the full attention of the teams. They do not have the time to supervise, monitor and assess trainees and students. National staff fills all auxiliary positions.

No, you cannot. Only candidates that want to work outside India can apply through this site. If you are interested in working for MSF in India, especially when you have a medical background, you can check the Work in India (Projects) and Work in India (Office) page on our website.