Where our funding comes from

Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)  raises most of its income from private sources, which helps to ensure operational independence and flexibility. More than 4.5 million individual donors around the world provide 89 percent of our funding. The remaining funds come from institutional donors.

Provide support to the health system for preventive and curative care by ensuring supplies of drugs and medical material, and setting up a cost recovery system for health centres to become self-financing. © Alain Kazinierakis

When MSF works in complex contexts, where there are many parties to a conflict and humanitarian assistance is not always clearly defined, the organisation ensures its independence by relying solely on private financial donations to fund its activities.

How our funds are spent

Every MSF national office is a non-profit organisation. Some 82 percent of our resources are allocated to our humanitarian activities. The remaining 18 per cent is spent on management and administration, and reinvested in fundraising.

We hold reserves of a minimum of three months and a maximum of twelve months of total expenditure. This allows us to respond immediately to a crisis, without having to wait for further funds to be raised.

Financial control and transparency

The use of MSF funds is tightly controlled and each national office makes public its audited financial reports. 

The audited MSF International Financial Report is a means of transparency and accountability that provides a view of MSF’s work internationally. The International Financial Report clearly defines the different categories of income and expenditure and openly shows how funds are raised and spent. 

MSF is pleased to present its audited combined Financial Statements. The combined accounts represent an integration of the Financial Statements of the 21 MSF sections worldwide, together with the Financial Statements of the satellite organisations and the international office of MSF. The combined Financial Statements provide a view of MSF's work internationally and are also a means of transparency and accountability.




Financial Reports (PDF)