Fundraise for MSF

Fundraise for MSF

Fundraise for MSF

How it works

Activate your community by organising your own fundraiser to support Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)! Host an auction, concert, bake sale or nearly anything else you can think of. Use your creativity to support our critical work around the world. Click the button below to set up... Read More

Get started

Determine the type of fundraiser and you can organise a fundraising event via our online donation platform. It is a quick and simple tool to achieve your fundraising ideas online and a…

Keep Going

Decide how much time you have and what you like to do – if you do something you already like (or would love to try) then you are much more likely to see it through. When you’ve hit on the perfect…

Finish Strong

We’ve put our heads together to help you promote your fundraising, and we’ll help spread the word if you let us know what you’re planning. We’ll also send you MSF fundraising materials …

How To Fundraise

Fundraising gives you the chance to be creative with your donations to MSF. From bake sales and sponsored sky dives to donations on your birthday, almost any occasion can be turned into a fundraising event. 

Donate your birthday and help make a difference!

By including MSF in the celebration of your birthday, you not only increase awareness of our work but also save lives. A donation of this kind extends the goodwill of the occasion far beyond the day itself, helping to ensure emergency medical aid for people in crisis situations around the world.

It's easy - Instead of gifts, ask for donations.