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Readings for Debate and Panel Discussion

The 2016 General Assembly agenda includes a debate on Migration and a Panel Discussion on HICs. To encourage active participation and a healthy, informed debate, the SARA team has found some articles and videos which explain these topics; provide context, opinions, and facts about both. The concept notes prepared by the SARA board for these discussions can also be found below.


Recommended readings for Migration

The concept note prepared by the SARA board for the debate on Migration can be read here.


A UNHCR report on the migrant crisis with some excellent suggestions of what is needed to stop deaths at sea:


An accurate report of the kind of atrocities the Rohingya face at sea, in inland detention and prison centres, and in the countries they may finally land in after months of dangerous and harrowing travel, abuse, and extortion:


The history behind the tragedy the Rohingya population currently faces, where they come from, their ethnic and geographical origins, and why they are hunted, persecuted, and denied even the basic right of citizenship:


A brief summary of the Rohingya migrants and how they are being turned away from all the countries that can possibly take them in:


A video that explains the plight of refugee populations in India- with no legal framework, no laws in place to protect them, and little by way of permanent employment opportunities, refugees in India face a life of challenges:


Recommended readings for HICs

The concept note prepared by the SARA board for the panel discussion on working on Highly Insecure Contexts can be read here.


A long time MSFer’s moving write up of the work MSF staff regularly does in the field, the harrowing experiences they face, and the pain and trauma that they somehow live with on a daily basis:  /not-business-usual


A summary of the International Laws prohibiting attacks on hospitals, safety zones, and neutralised zones:


An IHL analysis of the US strike that killed and wounded civilians and destroyed a hospital:

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