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Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) calls on Papua New Guinea (PNG) authorities to give its team access to the asylum seekers and refugees in Manus Transit Centres, to assess their conditions and provide essential medical care as appropriate. On Friday 24 November, PNG police removed the refugees and asylum seekers who remained inside the officially-closed Regional Processing Centre (RPC), in which hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers were still living. On Sunday 19 November, MSF had received written authorization...Read More
MSF is extremely concerned about the ongoing delivery of humanitarian aid to the population in northeast Syria due to clashes between Kurdish and Iraqi forces in the northwest of Iraq that threaten to close of the Syrian-Iraqi border crossing of Feshkhabour. Feshkhabour border crossing is the ONLY option for humanitarian agencies to bring supplies and specialists into northeast Syria. It is already very complicated trying to provide aid in northeast Syria, where large parts of cities have been destroyed by...Read More
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Umeed ki Kiran: One-stop clinic for victims of sexual & domestic violence
We constantly talk about the problem of sexual violence, domestic abuse, and report their stories like statistics. We stop momentarily, if at all, to click our tongues in disapproval. “Look at the sta...Read More
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You have a mission to help people caught up in an emergency – would you put scientific research on your to-do list? The answer isn’t an obvious ‘yes’. While the work of humanitarian and other NGOs may...Read More

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February 14, 2018
Drug-resistant TB remains a major threat to global health: Of the ten million people who fell ill with tuberculosis (TB) in 2016 alone, over half a million are estimated to have resistance to the most...Read More
January 28, 2018
In a nightmarish day on the Mediterranean yesterday, 99 survivors from a sinking rubber boat were rescued by the Aquarius, a search and rescue vessel run by Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Front...Read More