Logistics Supervisor


Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural and man-made disasters and exclusion from healthcare in more than 70 countries. MSF offers assistance to people based on need and irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.  

MSF has worked in India since 1999, providing free-of-charge essential healthcare to people in remote areas, and specialist care for people affected by HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, kala azar, and sexual and gender-based violence. We also respond to natural disasters and other emergencies, provide mental healthcare and advocate for the development of more effective and affordable medicines to improve access to treatment for people everywhere. 

We currently run projects in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Manipur, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh. 

MSF was awarded the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development in 1996 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999. 

 MSF OCBA in Bihar 

MSF has been working in Bihar treating Kala Azar since 2007 with a gradual transition of the project to focus on HIV-Kala Azar co-infected patients. After treating more than 13,000 patients in Vaishali, MSF began focusing on the treatment of kala azar-HIV co-infection in partnership with the Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences (RMRIMS) in Patna in 2016. 

Further, MSF has collaboration with All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Patna and Bihar State AIDS Control Society (BSACS) with whom MSF is conducting two qualitative studies focusing on the perception of quality of life by VL-HIV coinfected patients and the stigma which PLHIV group faces at health facilities and in the community. Anecdotal evidence from different sources suggests that there is a very high level of stigma attached with HIV in Bihar and PLHIV often presents with advanced stage HIV with multiple opportunistic infections. To make the matter worse, these patients do not get adequate and quality healthcare services leading them to no option but succumb to their illness at home. Hence, MSF endeavours to start a project for treating life-threatening opportunistic infections in people living with HIV in Bihar in collaboration with BSACS and Government of Bihar (GoB). 

This seamless partnership over more than a decade between the Government of India, the State Government and other stakeholders has enabled MSF to provide the best quality, free of cost treatment to the people of Bihar without any discrimination on the basis of caste, colour, religion or economic status. The major beneficiaries of MSF services have been those who are at the bottom of the societal pyramid. 

Working in this area, HIV-VL confection, has led us to realise the systematised discrimination against HIV patients by the community but more so among health care providers in the public and private sector with them often being excluded from healthcare outside of government ART centres. Bihar, with a population of 110 million people is one of the largest states and least economically developed. It has an estimated adult HIV prevalence in the range of 0.21– 0.25% accounting for 150,000 PLHIV and 7,514 deaths (5,794-10,575) annually. Only 20,000 HIV patients were on ARVs in 2014. 

As per July 2017 WHO guidelines for those above 5 years of age, Advanced HIV disease is defined as those presenting for care with a CD4 count below 200 cells/mm3 or presenting with an AIDS-defining event, regardless of the CD4 cell count. All children less than 5 years are considered to have Advanced HIV Disease. 

The mortality rate of advanced HIV disease is estimated to be between 30 to 40%. In Bihar, within MSF´s existing HIV related project we have a number of observed cases of severe disease where specialized medical care is required including palliative and symptomatic care and end of life care for some of them, including psychosocial support for patients and family members. In such situations, where we have tried to refer the patients into the public or private sector, they have been refused admission or admitted, ignored and ultimately sent home to die. 

 MSF Response 

In this situation, MSF in collaboration with MoH (BSACS and NACO) tends to set up a program as inpatient centre for the advanced HIV and Palliative care for all the admitted patients and those with life-threatening conditions. 

The main purpose of the program is to provide a holistic centre for seriously sick advanced HIV patients in order to improve the quality of life by gaining comprehensive HIV care and support and palliative care with the focus of patient rights and dignity. 

 Referral criteria to MSF care centre 

  • HIV patients with CD4 less than 100 regardless of opportunistic infections/comorbidities
  • Suspected or diagnosed advanced HIV disease regardless of CD4 count (specific conditions for referral will be defined)
  • Seriously ill HIV+ patients with danger signs
  • Other HIV related life-threatening conditions such as IRIS, suspected clinical failure, drug hypersensitivity and so on 

 MSF services 

  • Advanced HIV diagnosis and care package + Palliative care 
  • Linkage to care (from ART centres and community to MSF care centre)
  • Retention in care and health promotion activities in the community

 Target Population 

  • Direct Beneficiaries: People living with advanced HIV (PLHIV) – estimated to be 10% of the 150,000 diagnosed HIV patients in Bihar
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: General population of Bihar through decreased spread and increased awareness, others living with HIV with regards to policy change in India.


Number of posts available: 1

Position: Logistics Supervisor

Job Location: Patna, Bihar

Project Location: Guru Govind Singh Hospital, Patna City, Patna

Availability: Minimum 1 year, annual renewal of contract

Last Application Date: 6th January 2019

Starting Date: ASAP

Emailmsfe-delhi-recruitment@barcelona.msf.org AND msfe-patna-fin@barcelona.msf.org

 Purpose of Post 

Supervising and monitoring the  execution of logistics and supply activities in the project for one or more areas of activities  (Warehouse, Procurement, Transport, Construction/Rehabilitation, ICT, WHS, Cold Chain, Electricity, Fleet management, Watsan, etc.) according to MSF protocols and standards in order to ensure the optimal functioning of the mission.

 Functional and Hierarchical Lines 

Hierarchically and Functional accountable to Logistics Manager 

 Main Responsibilities and Tasks 


  • Ensuring an effective running of the logistics and supply activities in the project on a day-to-day basis as specified by the line manager, ensuring compliance to MSF standards, protocols and procedures. The activities can include one or more of the following areas:  
    • Warehouse: Planning and supervising the execution of the Warehouse and Stock Management activities in the project or capital ensuring sufficient stock for the effective functioning of the supply activity to avoid stock ruptures, losses and excess stocks in the mission, controlling and monitoring the  medical and non-medical stocks and assets and ensures that storage is carried out under optimum conditions
    • Procurement: Planning and supervising the procurement activities in the project or capital ensuring an efficient and on-time purchasing.
    • Construction/Rehabilitation: all technical and scheduling aspects of the building and rehabilitation activities in the project
    • ICT: installation and maintenance of the systems and communications' software and hardware
    • Cold Chain: Monitoring compliance with technical aspects of Project Cold Chain
    • ​​​Electricity: Supervising Electricity installations and works
    • Water and Sanitation: Supervise activities related to water and sanitation
  • Monitoring maintenance activities of infrastructures, management of non-medical stocks and equipment according to DWBI standards;
  • Ensuring the check and follow-up of facilities under the line manager's supervision through daily visits to the facilities and reporting any anomalies or problems, evaluation of the rehabilitation needs and following up minor building rehabilitation work according to supervisor's instructions; checking that premises observe security norms and monitoring the consumption of mechanical and electrical vehicles/machines/devices
  • Planning together with the line manager the required checks and maintenance activities of energy systems/set-up according to MSF standards
  • Coordinating and leading the logistics team under his/her responsibility which includes daily supervision, monitoring of the quality of work and the definition of each person's task, drawing up their working schedules; organizing and leading team meetings; participating in the recruitment of team personnel and attending logistics meetings and accounting for his activities
  • Ensuring the vehicle fleet maintenance which includes planning and overseeing timely preventive and curative maintenance of all project vehicles according to MSF standards and Instructing and monitoring drivers on correct driving habits and standard checks
  • Communicating with customers, keeping them up to date concerning their order status and prioritizing procurement and transport according to their needs
  • Ensuring smooth running of administration and procedures related to his/her supply activity(ies)
  • Managing and organizing the materials and tools needed for his/her activity/activities which includes inventory of stocks, receipt and processing of orders, keeping records of received goods and checking the monthly consumptions of consumable items
  • Participating in monthly reports according to guidelines and implementing reporting practices and protocols
  • Other supply and technical logistics activities.

 Specific Accountabilities 

Physical aspects of the project (including all log families: Fleet management, energy, cold chain, Watsan, etc)

  • Implementation and follow up of vehicle use procedures as outlined in the Vehicle Guideline. 
  • Well-maintained and functional transport means for all staff and material, including vehicle allocation. 
  • Follow up of the proper management of the cold chain in the pharmacy, Lab and other places as required.
  • Proper maintenance of the cold chain equipment, A/C system, ILR, cool boxes, fridges and log tags, etc.
  • Follow up well functioning of the power supply equipment.
  • Organise sort-out and plan house, office, pharmacies and equipment issues. 
  • Maintenance of functional office space, warehouse and lodging facilities.
  • Maintenance of office support equipment.
  • Is responsible for the good use and the safety of the MSF equipment.
  • Ensuring the day-to-day implementation and administration of assigned Watsan activities at project level, including but not limited to, water supply, excreta disposal, waste management, vector control, and dead bodies management
  • Ensuring that the MSF procedures and protocols are followed by the teams to guarantee the operational quality of the project;
  • Support Log Manager in issues related to applied security.

 Team Management 

  • Responsible for the supervision of Driver/s, Hygiene Officers and Guards;
  • Participates in the updates of job profiles and descriptions of staff under his/her supervision;
  • Participates in selection, follow up and evaluation of all staff under his/her direct supervision;
  • Organise, implement and train the staff on under her/his supervision;
  • Undertakes regular evaluations of staff team under his/her direct supervision;
  • Promotes communication and active participation of all staff under her/his supervision;
  • Ensures accurate diffusion of information to all staff under her/his supervision.

 Additional Tasks 

  • Is responsible for supervising the execution of minor maintenance jobs in the office and residential premises;
  • Is responsible for providing other logistical support upon the request of the Project Coordinator; 
  • Is responsible for the management of car movement and providing transport of patients, staff wherever it is needed;
  • Organising the pick-up or departure of International/National Staff or goods from airport;
  • Responsible for follow-up of cars, drivers, log books and the maintenance of the car/s according to established guidelines;
  • Provide logistical support to emergency interventions, including travel at short notice to work on emergency interventions. Assist in the setup of new projects and fill short-term gaps in logistical positions in the projects as required;
  • Responsible for backup of all computers of the project;
  • Will be flexible regarding job tasks and show flexibility in terms of new task being delegated;
  • To perform any other tasks as required by your Supervisor;
  • To maintain a flexible approach and responds to the needs of the project even if outside of this job description.



  • Education 
    • Essential: Graduate degree. 
    • Desirable: Technical diploma in supply chain or Logistics Management.
  • Experience 
    • Essential: Minimum 2 years’ experience in Logistics/supply chain related activities.
    • Desirable: Previous experience in DWBI or other INGO’s with similar profile.
  • Languages: Essential mission language. Desirable local language.
  • Knowledge: Computer literacy

 HR & Benefits 

  • Salary: Rupees 33,334 gross/month (non-negotiable)
  • Benefit of 13th Month Salary 
  • PF and Gratuity are applicable as per law.
  • Total Leaves: 18 days annual leave; 12 days paid leave as per specified list of holidays; Sick/Casual leave of 12 days as per calendar year (pro-rated based on hire date).
  • Wide Medical coverage (Employee + Direct Relatives), as per organization policy.

 Application Procedure 

To apply please email your CV and motivational letter mentioning why you would be interested to apply for the position with the subject Ref: Logistics Supervisor to msfe-delhi-recruitment@barcelona.msf.org AND msfe-patna-fin@barcelona.msf.org on or before 6th January 2019.  

Applications that are no completed (CV + Covering letter) will not be considered

Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders India is an equal opportunity employer. Women candidates are encouraged to apply. 


Patna, Bihar

Application Closing Date
Sat, 01/06/2018