Mission Pharmacy Manager


Doctors Without Borders (DWBI)/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural and man-made disasters and exclusion from healthcare in more than 70 countries. Médecins Sans Frontières is neutral, impartial, independent, and not linked to any political party or governmental body. Our teams provide emergency medical assistance to people in need, irrespective of their nationality, race or religion.

MSF has worked in India since 1999, providing free-of-charge essential healthcare to people in remote areas, and specialist care for people affected by HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, kala azar, and sexual and gender-based violence. We also respond to natural disasters and other emergencies, provide mental healthcare and advocate for the development of more effective and affordable medicines to improve access to treatment for people everywhere. 

We currently run projects in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Manipur, Telengana, and Uttar Pradesh. 

MSF was awarded the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development in 1996 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999. 


Position: Mission Pharmacy Manager

Job Location: New Delhi 

Duration: 12 months (renewable)

Start Date: ASAP

Last Date of Application: 13 January 2019 

Monthly Gross Salary: INR 90,434/- per month (Non-Negotiable)


 Purpose of Post  

Defining, coordinating and monitoring all pharmacy related activities in the Mission, according to DWBI standards and values, the Medical Coordinator instructions and with consideration of national and international laws and regulations, in order to ensure the quality and proper organisation of medical supply process, procedures and protocols, the proper management of the medical stock in the projects and, in collaboration with the medical coordinator, the correct use of medicines and medical material. 

 Functional and Hierarchical Lines 

  • Hierarchically and functionally accountable to the Medical Coordinator. 


  • Supporting the HoM and MedCo in representing and defending DWBI’s interests before the Ministry of Health and other local authorities or local suppliers for any issue concerning pharmaceutical supply, in order to ensure stock procurement in the projects while complying with the national laws and regulations and following DWBI protocols. Ensuring a close follow up of the National Drug Supply particularly in projects where DWBI is working in conjunction with MoH. Collaborating in budgeting and preparing drug and other medical material orders together with Medical and Logistic Coordinators. 
  • Supervising the running of the pharmacies across the mission, ensuring the proper implementation of DWBI Safety standards, incl. pharmacovigilance follow up and waste management protocols, and to national and international legislation, in order to ensure the quality of the service given to the population and the accurate handling of drugs and products, including its proper disposal, in terms of hygiene and security. In case of integration of medical stock under the supply, this includes close involvement in the medical warehouse as regards procedures, operations and stock management but not direct supervision of same. Supporting the Medical Coordinator regarding the follow-up of EPREP planning and maintenance of medical emergency kits. 
  • Supporting and participating in all drug and medical material supply processes and ensuring its overall efficiency and effectiveness. This involves regular technical visits to project sites to ensure appropriate follow up of activities and management of field pharmacies; collecting and analyzing stock indicators according to physical records and logistic across different projects and together with the Medical Coordinator taking corrective decisions when necessary and providing technical pharmacy support regarding pharmaceutical information, medication use (protocols and rational drug use), management of side effects, adherence issues etc. 
  • Monitoring the procurement process and taking corrective measures when needed, ensuring regular communication with Medical, Logistics, HR and Finance departments regarding Medical Supply and Pharmacy Management. Supporting the Medical Coordinator in order to ensure local medical purchases are made from approved sources, subject to the approval of Section Pharmacist
  • Being responsible for the good maintenance of all drugs and equipment in the pharmacies and the appropriate storage and management of the supply of narcotic and psychotropic medication with respect to national legislation, permitting traceability for these specific products.
  • Facilitating correct stock management and transport/storage procedures, in order to ensure the availability of stock in all projects and to avoid expiries/overstocks and stock-outs. Ensuring that all inventories of drugs and medical devices exist and are updated. In close collaboration with Logistics Department, supervising storage conditions (e.g. humidity, temperature, light exposure, cleanliness, pest and rodents control, stock security, maintenance of cold chain, etc.), classification, organization and inventory, in order to guarantee the quality of the medicines and other medical material and prevent damage, financial losses generated by expired items, deterioration and robbery. Being responsible for follow-up of loans/donations and management of expired medications according to DWBI procedures (and national legislation in case of expired drugs)
  • Planning and supervising, in close coordination with the HR department, the associated processes (recruitment, training/induction, evaluation, potential detection, development and communication) of the staff under his/her responsibility in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required. In case of integration of medical stock under the supply, this includes providing support to Supply Log in this capacity to ensure the medical stock and pharmacy management according to recommended guidelines/procedures
  • Participating in reporting according to DWBI guidelines (SitReps, medical statistical reports, etc.) and reporting on drug consumptions and medical devices dispensed according to protocols, informing on unusual patterns

 Context Specific Accountabilities 

 Direct Support to the Medical Coordinator and Pharmacists in the projects 

  • Keep the standard list of products for each project updated. 
  • Designs and maintains a system to assure a flow of information between the projects and coordination on pharmacy matters. 
  • Contributes to drawing up and revising the budget for the parts concerning the pharmacy, in support with the medical coordinator. 
  • Direct management of the routine and emergency medical (drugs/ medicinal products) stock in coordination and projects: assure proper storage conditions, carry out regular inventories and propose actions if needed.
  • Advice procurement and supply department in the procurement of drugs / medicinal products according to mission needs and DWBI policies.
  • Manage the different donations for all projects, other DWBI sections and the coordination and seek approval from Medco, follow up and returns of loans.
  • Regular contact with the national pharmacy authorities: remain updated about regulations, procedures, and drug license issues. Ensure all projects remain up to date in this regard.
  • Regular contact with Intersectional pharmacist based in Delhi for validations of local suppliers, seeking expert feedback for emergency; local purchase and to ensure regular supply of drugs and materials.
  • Centralise the software information of all stocks; update the article database when needed.
  • Close collaboration with the pharmacists of the other DWBI sections in the country about standard drug lists, development of the strategy for a common procurement of medical articles, donations and exchange of expiring items as per the needs of the sections.
  • Participate to any on-going or future intersectional projects/meetings pertaining to the pharmaceutical activity.
  • Prepare monthly reports as per the agreed format and share it with relevant coordination and project colleagues.
  • Collaborates with the medical coordinator to consolidate, plan and monitor 6M medical orders in liaison with project teams (including budgeting with the finance and logistics teams) and to take the measures required when deliveries are late, stocks are running low, etc.

 Quality Control (QC) of Pharmacy Activities Mission-Wide 

  • Ensures correct storage conditions, arrangement and identification of articles according to DWBI standards.
  • Ensures the proper use of the management tools at all levels: stock cards, register of close expiry, register of regulated drugs, software. Evaluate the use, propose adaptations if necessary.
  • Evaluates the procedures carried out: reception of goods, inventory, and distribution to the services.
  • Analyses and verifiers, on a monthly basis, Mumbai project’s pharmacy sticks (identification of overstocks, risk of stock outs, risk of expiry and propose actions to the PMR /project pharmacist.
  • Calculates, compiles and reports on the key performance indicators.
  • Establishes coherence between the different items databases of the Isy stock versions used in each project.
  • Evaluate the use of the drugs at consumer level: prescribing and dispensing practices.
  • Centralises all information related to quality problems of medical articles.
  • Regular supervision visit to the projects to ensure pharmacies are functioning as per organisation’s standards.
  • Ensure the proper reporting of quality problems during reception, storage or dispensing of medicines and communicate the reports to the MedCo, the section pharmacist & the intersectional pharmacist.

 Coordination with the Medical Supply 

  • In collaboration with the medical /supply /logistics coordinators, ensures there is a supply process for medicines and medical material in the mission that functions properly (procedures, etc.).
  • Communicates regularly with the medical, logistics, and finance departments concerning medical supply.
  • Guarantees compliance to DWBI’s recommendations and information process in case of local purchase.
  • Identification of articles: correct description, correct product, acceptable manufacturer, prequalified supplier.
  • Assist the medical supply officers if needed for visits to suppliers.
  • Responsible for reception of medical items at Mumbai warehouse level
  • Responsible for verifying and maintaining the legal compliance of any pharmaceutical activity within the projects (warehousing, dispensing)

 Analysis and Definition of Objectives  

  • Collects, checks and analyses consumption statistics and monthly data and any other data and indicators required for the reports (monthly, quarterly, and annual).
  • Ensures that monthly reports from the project pharmacists are consistent both in terms of timing and in terms of content.
  • Provides technical support to the Medco on pharmaceutical issues ( opinion on national legislation, pharmacological information etc)
  • Participates and actively contributes to field coordination and capital coordination team discussions on the running of the projects and the definition of their objectives.
  • Collaborates with projects medical referent on the issues of expiry, consumption and support requested by PMR/Project pharmacists and teams and participate in medical meetings in Mumbai and when in other projects for pharmacy needs.



  • Essential: Degree in Pharmacy recognized by Pharmacy Council of India
  • Desirable Degree/Diploma in Pharmacy Management or similar courses


  • Essential demonstrated two years’ experience in (hospital) pharmacy management, previous experience with DWBI or other NGO’s in developing countries is desirable


  • English


  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet)
  • Desirable knowledge in stock management software.


  • Strategic Vision, Leadership, People Management and Development, Service Orientation, Teamwork and Cooperation

 HR Benefits  

  • Salary Gross (INR): 90,434/- per month (non-negotiable)
  • 18 days annual leave; 12 days paid leave as per specified list of holidays; Sick/Casual leave of 12 days as per calendar year (pro-rated based on hire date).
  • Contributions made for statutory benefit programs such as Provident Fund.
  • Covered under accident insurance.
  • DWBI provides medical reimbursement for employees and their dependents as per health care policy.
  • A stimulating, professional environment in an international organization.

 Application Procedure 

To apply for the above position, please clearly state which position you are applying for and send CV and letter of motivation to apply for this position (with phone number) not later than 13 January 2019 to india-hrmco-assist@oca.msf.org 

Application without motivation letter will not be accepted.

Due to a high volume of applicants, only short-listed candidates will be contacted

Note: We do not use any external recruitment consultants.



New Delhi

Application Closing Date
Sun, 01/13/2019