Photo: Dr Ian Cross
Photo: Dr Ian Cross

Treating survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in Delhi


As sexual violence affects millions of people across the world, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) acknowledges a responsibility to respond to the medical needs of people in situations of violence, abuse, and deliberate neglect. Our focus is to reach the survivors of sexual and gender-based violence and provide appropriate and timely medical and psychological care.

MSF inaugurated the UMEED KI KIRAN CLINIC- a community-based clinic in November 2015. The clinic aims to provide appropriate and timely medical and psychological care to the survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, including children in the Jahangirpuri area in north Delhi.

The aim is to increase access to quality treatment for survivors of sexual assault, who may develop medical and psychological complications. This includes treatment of physical injuries, prevention of HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and counselling for severe psychological problems. The MSF team, at the same time, is also raising awareness on the importance of provision of timely medical and psychosocial care in the community through health education and outreach activities.

All services are offered in a friendly, confidential and unbiased manner and will be provided free of cost. A team of doctors, nurses and counsellors are available round the clock. For patients requiring advanced medical care, MSF is providing referrals to tertiary hospitals. Referrals for other relevant services as per requirement (tertiary care, legal, shelter etc.) are also provided. 


Our Helpline No. - 1 800 102 1075