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What where you doing in 1999?

20 years ago, MSF launched the Access Campaign out of medical necessity and frustration.

Medicines that could stop disease and save lives were too expensive, or simply didn’t exist because no one was interested in developing them.

MSF Access Campaign was established to counteract this neglect, and shine a light on this global injustice. To demand “change, not charity”. Because #MedicinesShouldntBeALuxury

Click on the link  in bio to learn more: <a href="https://20years.msfaccess.org" target="_blank" class = "link" >https://20years.msfaccess.org</a>
"I was very scared when I found out, because I had never heard of Hepatitis C. But I am cured now, and I tell everyone there is no point getting scared." It is estimated that 71 million people have chronic<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#HepatitisC</a> infection globally and<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#India</a> accounts for approximately 17% of the total number of cases recorded. Once in the body, the Hepatitis C virus attacks the<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#liver</a> and if left untreated, it can lead to organ failure, cancer, or even death. This<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#WorldLiverDay</a>, learn why is Hepatitis C an ‘invisible emergency’ in India?

In picture: Patient Geeta reacts as she’s informed by MSF counsellor Prajesh Kumar Gupta that she was now cured of Hepatitis C

Click on the link in the bio to watch our Hepatitis C explainer video (<a href="https://bit.ly/2PhCMot" target="_blank" class = "link" >https://bit.ly/2PhCMot</a>)
Saif is one of the youngest patients at MSF's post operative care in Mosul, Iraq. He has been there for a month. His family was displaced by the recent conflict and live in a camp not far from Mosul. "Life in the camp was not easy but I was still happy because I got to go to school. One day, another boy at school threw a big rock at me and it broke my leg," he explains. Saif went from one hospital to the next before ending up at MSF facility in East Mosul. There, MSF teams found out he also had antibiotic resistance.

Photo: Elisa Fourt/MSF
It costs $168 to vaccinate 💉💉 just one child refugee for<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#pneumonia</a> in Greece. 
Now, thanks to an agreement that YOU asked for, MSF can vaccinate kids in refugee camps for $9/child. 
It’s a start.  But Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline must do more to give all kids<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#AFairShot</a>. Click on the link in the bio to learn more 👉 <a href="https://bit.ly/2GoZnfY" target="_blank" class = "link" >https://bit.ly/2GoZnfY</a>

The 2019 MSF Scientific Days – Asia in #Delhi will take place on 8th July 2019!

If you are interested to learn how humanitarian research, #innovation &#technology can help save lives, join us for our conference without borders. Click on the link in the bio to register your interest: <a href="https://bit.ly/2QL0NIe #MSFSci" target="_blank" class = "link" >https://bit.ly/2QL0NIe #MSFSci</a>
<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#Iraq</a> | When we opened our post-operative care facility in #Mosul, in April 2018, Anas was one of the first patients to be admitted. He spent most of the year at@MSF hospital, but this month, he was finally discharged. Watch this video to learn more
For all the medical #doctors in South Asia interested in tropical medicine and public health, here's some news.

We calling for applications for 2019-20 cohort of 'Global Health and Humanitarian Medicine course' to provide affordable, global access to high-quality education in tropical #medicine.

Interested? Click on the link in the bio to learn more: <a href="https://bit.ly/2ULWcXM" target="_blank" class = "link" >https://bit.ly/2ULWcXM</a>
<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#MSF</a> #GHHM #publichealth #tropicalmedicine
Medical personnel are #NotATarget

Last Thursday one of our colleagues Gaulbert Mokafe, assistant nurse at the Batangafo hospital in #CentralAfricanRepublic, was murdered at the hands of an armed group while travelling to visit his family. Gaulbert was 41 and had worked at the Batangafo hospital, where MSF operates in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, since 2012. "If those responsible for the death of Gaulbert or their relatives had needed medical attention, Gaulbert would have taken care of them. His death is a cowardly crime, which has left the MSF family in Batangafo and in CAR shocked and outraged." - Omar Abenza, MSF head of mission.

Click on the link in the bio to find out more: <a href="https://bit.ly/2UsoGpZ" target="_blank" class = "link" >https://bit.ly/2UsoGpZ</a>
Looking for some<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#MondayMotivation</a>?

With a motivated will to treat people in need, Hafiz Muhammad recently left for his first assignment with<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#MSF</a> in<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#Nigeria</a>.

He is a plastic surgeon from Kerala and for the next few months will be working with our team to provide medical care to<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#Noma</a> patients. Join us to wish him good luck!
Yemen🇾🇪: We have put on hold the admission of all patients to Al Sadaqah hospital in<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#Aden</a> following the kidnapping & killing of a patient.

The latest incident follow a series of threats and security incidents involving patients and staff. Click in the link in the bio to learn more: <a href="https://bit.ly/2OVw9I7" target="_blank" class = "link" >https://bit.ly/2OVw9I7</a>
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