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“At our mobile clinics, you can see how cut off people are from healthcare. They come to us for even headaches and body aches, because they can’t get paracetamol. So what is basic medication for us is a luxury there.” This is what MSF doctor Poorva Kher told us when we asked her what motivated her to go the extra mile to take medical care to people in need. MSF teams conduct mobile clinics to take primary healthcare to people living in remote villages in Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Telangana, who find it extremely difficult to access medical care. To learn more about our mobile clinics, click on the link in the bio.
A person’s inability to pay for quality<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#snakebite</a> treatment shouldn’t have deadly & disabling consequences. 
@who is about to release an ambitious roadmap on snakebite envenoming. 
This could be a turning point in tackling this neglected disease!
<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#Kalaazar</a> is a neglected tropical disease and the second-largest parasitic killer in the world. India accounts for over 30% of the total kala azar cases in the world. 80% of these cases occur in Bihar. Since, August 2015,<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#MSF</a> has been working on treating kala azar-HIV co-infection in<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#Bihar</a> where patients receive free<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#medicalcare</a>. Learn more about MSF's work in Bihar - click the link in the bio.
A big THANK YOU to our team of inspiring fundraisers for their support, passion, and generosity. They made it to the finish line at @tcsw10k marathon 2019. It's your chance to do your bit. Support us to turn their miles into smiles 👉click on the link in the bio
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"He would come home drunk, beat me, urinate on my face and threaten to abuse me in worse ways.” Kamala was repeatedly assaulted - sexually, emotionally, physically and verbally - by her husband over 15 years. The abuse had serious effects on Kamla’s life and her mental health. 
She seriously considered taking her own life and the life of her three children. When she reached out to MSF’s ‘Umeed ki Kiran’ clinic, she had no hope of ever living a normal life. 
The trained MSF staff in Jahangirpuri worked on treating not just her physical injuries, but also her invisible wounds. In a confidential, safe setting, MSF counsellors addressed the emotional trauma Kamla had. They focused on healing her psychologically. Over time, the support she received for getting better physically and emotionally gave her hope. It helped remind her of her underlying resilience. Today, she lives in a shelter, has a job, and is raising her three children. 
Know more about the work we are doing for sexual or gender-based violence survivors in Umeed ki Kiran Clinic, Jahangirpuri, New Delhi - click the link in the bio.
<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#MSF</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#MSFIndia</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#newdelhi</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#SGBV</a> #<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#sexualviolence</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#umeedkikiran</a>
“I have been working at the clinic in Meerut from the day it opened. Being the only facility in the district that provides free hepatitis C treatment, we receive patients from all over the State. We have seen how hepatitis C is much more than a disease. It affects many other aspects of patients’ lives. There are young women who are not able to get married because they have hepatitis C; young men want to go out of the country and start businesses but they are unable to secure visas because they have hepatitis C. Therefore, for me, the best day is when we can give the patient their ‘cured’ certificate. As a doctor, I look forward to it as much as a patient does.” Dr Sevantee Ghosh is a medical doctor from Kolkata, has been working with MSF’s hepatitis C project in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, since January 2017. To know more, click the link in the bio.
<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#MSF</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#MSFIndia</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#hepatitis</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#hepatitisC</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#Meerut</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#UttarPradesh</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#Healthcare</a>
Thousands of women who earn their living from sex work are able to access the health services they need thanks to MSF outreach activities and a ‘one-stop’ clinic. ⬇Learn more about this programme, click the link in the bio. <a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#MSF</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#Malawi</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#Sexwork</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#sexworker</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#humanitarian</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#healthservices</a>
“I didn’t know how dangerous hepatitis C was. But now that I know, I take all measures to make sure that no one else gets infected.” 43-year-old Naimpal Bhatti found out he had hepatitis C in 2014, but couldn’t find treatment at the time because it was too expensive. He received treatment at MSF clinic and was declared cured in November 2017. “I have told my sons about how hepatitis C spreads and I ensure that the razor blades are always changed when we got to our local barber.” In January 2017, MSF opened a hepatitis C clinic in collaboration with the National Health Mission (NHM), Uttar Pradesh where our team offers free test, diagnosis and treatment to Hepatitis C patients in Meerut. In addition, MSF also provides health education and counselling services to patients. Head to the link in our bio to learn more about our work in Meerut.
<a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#hepatitisC</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#MSF</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#MSFIndia</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#Meerut</a>
Fighting in Tripoli has put trapped refugees and migrants at imminent risk of being killed or seriously injured. We are pleading for refugees and migrants in detention centres to be urgently evacuated out of Libya. <a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#MSF</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#libya</a><a href='#' class = 'hashtags'>#migrants</a>
We are ready to cheer for our awesome supporters and runners on May 19 at TCS World 10K Bengaluru. Get the thrill of knowing that you’re saving lives with every kilometre. Together, we will make it across the finish line. Click the link in the bio to support.
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