CAL Compliance Officer

CAL Compliance Officer


MSF is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that intervenes in emergencies and crises, to relieve human suffering from unmet medical needs and to create a space for humanity. MSF works to provoke a social and political response that meets the essential needs, and respects and protects the dignity, of people in danger. MSF strives to innovate and incite change through its medical action, its “témoignage” and its active reflection on the situation of populations in danger. Respecting its Charter and shared principles, MSF is an independent movement of citizen associations that are integrated and open to their societies. In a spirit of volunteerism, acting in proximity to and in solidarity with assisted peoples, MSF’s members adhere to humanitarian principles and respect for medical ethics. 

MSF has worked in India since 1999, providing free-of-charge essential healthcare to people in remote areas, and specialist care for people affected by HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, kala azar, and sexual and gender-based violence. We also respond to natural disasters and other emergencies, provide mental healthcare and advocate for the development of more effective and affordable medicines to improve access to treatment for people everywhere. We currently run projects in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Manipur, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh. 

MSF has projects in more than 70 countries. MSF India is one of 24 institutional offices pooling funding, expertise and staff for MSF field operations worldwide. 

MSF was awarded the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development in 1996 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999.


Position Title: CAL Compliance Officer

Location of Job: New Delhi, India Branch Office

Annual Salary (before TDS): INR 1021128 – INR 1149410

Department: Compliance Accounting and Legal (CAL) 

Location: New Delhi 

Reporting to: CAL Head 

Last Date of Application: 21st April 2019


 Job Purpose 

The Compliance Officer is responsible for CAL’s corporate governance support services, for monitoring and re-invoicing CAL’s budget, and for managing international transactions and bank signatories. The CAL Compliance Officer is responsible for CAL’s Immigration compliance services through the direct management of CAL’s Immigration Officer, monitoring the execution of immigration compliance procedures and managing the maintenance and update immigration procedures. The CAL Compliance Officer is the point of contact with company directors and shareholders and manages the CAL office.

 Key Accountabilities 

Expected End Results


Supporting Activities


Corporate Governance Services

  • Contacts Operational Departments to solicit their needs for Board Resolutions. 
  • Board meetings and all necessary documents are correctly prepared, filed with the appropriate authorities, and archived. 
  • Shareholder meetings and all necessary documents are correctly prepared and executed. 
  • Timely and professional communication is effected with all board members and shareholders. 
  • Works effectively with corporate secretarial support firms. 
  • Establishes regular monthly contacts with internal operations teams to request their needs for board resolutions, establishing contacts in operations and establishing a regular cycle of solicitations, feedback, drafting, signing, and implementation of board resolutions. 
  • Drafts all necessary meeting notices, agendas, resolutions, and agendas with minimal reliance on outside support. Drafts necessary board materials for operational licenses, etc. All necessary corporate governance compliances are filed on-time and monitored, with organized reporting to the CAL Head. Files are organized and archived in soft copy and hard-copy as may be required by CAL procedure or corporate compliances.  A board resolution overview is provided monthly. 
  • Advises CAL Head on the necessary corporate governance compliances.  
  • Professional communication with directors and shareholders provides substantial notice in advance of any needs for meetings or signatures. 
  • Effectively uses outside support where necessary but does not rely on such outside support for routine matters. Over time, this role should gain competencies so as to reduce the need for external support. 

Monitoring and Reporting of CAL Budget

  • CAL expenses are properly recorded in Tally and receipts/invoices organized.  
  • CAL expenses are paid in a timely manner, including necessary tax payments/deductions. 
  • CAL cash holdings are properly monitored.  
  • Supporting CAL Head to effect re-invoicing and to update ops on the CAL budget quarterly
  • Support CAL head in the preparation of the annual budget 
  • CAL’s expenses are properly matched to an invoice or receipt before requesting payment by CAL Head. All expenses are recorded pursuant to procedures, which the CAL Compliance Officer updates as necessary.
  • CAL’s invoices are raised to CAL Head in an organized and timely fashion to ensure timely payment and taxes on the same are deducted appropriately and paid on-time.  
  • Monthly reports on the cash expenses and end-of-month balance are provided to CAL Head.
  • Quarterly expense reports and reinvoicing necessities are generated by the 15th of the month following the conclusion of the quarter. The same is shared with appropriate internal resources for re-invoicing. These same reports are used to provide a snap-shot of CAL’s financial performance to date comparing actual expenses in the last quarter and in the year to date against the budgeted expenses for the same period. 
  • Provide CAL Head draft prospective annual budget, based on expenses incurred over the prior year, and provided in the format requested by CAL Head. 

Banking Management

  • Bank account Signatories are properly managed. 
  • Effective communication with CAL’s banking partners. 
  • Banking needs are met. 
  • Monitoring domestic banking transfers to operational accounts and confirmation of large transactions. 
  • All bank accounts signatories and their access limitations are properly recorded, access limitations are amended as necessary, new signatories added upon request, and signatories promptly removed upon their departure from the company with necessary board materials prepared for all of the above. Provide a monthly report on the bank signatories detailing all accounts, their signatories, and their limits. 
  • Ensure banks understand CAL’s role in supervising banking activities, develop contact persons at all of CAL’s banks as to be ready to facilitate operations’ access to banking support, and facilitate the bank’s reporting of any suspected issues with the company’s accounts. 
  • At the direction of CAL Head, execute the opening and closing of bank accounts. Advise CAL Head on new banking products that may be available and useful. 
  • To be prior intimated by operations on any cash withdrawals for accounts and confirm the same to the bank upon request. To provide confirmation of large transactions upon request from the bank. 

International Financial Transactions 

  • Manage all international financial transactions. 
  • Ensure proper recording and reporting of international transactions. 
  • Receive project wise breakup from operations of inward remittances, process and collate as necessary, excise expenses that are not to be included and ensure appropriate mark-up to comply with transfer pricing regulations. Communicate the processed invoices to banking partners. Appropriately distribute revenues to operations accounts.   Effect salary remittances for international workers as dictated by the procedure. 
  • Maintain appropriate records of all international invoices and revenues received, organised by project and operational section. Reports on international receipts integrated into the Monthly Steering Committee Report.

Manage CAL Immigration Officer and Immigration Workflow 

  • Manage the CAL Immigration Officer
  • Supervise CAL Immigration Workflow
  • Ensure immigration procedures and records are maintained and organised.  
  • Provide direct management to the CAL Immigration Officer, including execution of all HR necessaries for this member of the CAL team (evaluations, etc) and discuss with CAL Head any need for HR action regarding this employee.  
  • Supervise the work of the CAL Immigration Officer, reviewing and confirming all visa application documents, answering questions from sections and from the Immigration officer while relaying only critical immigration issues to CAL Head. Ensure immigration overview tools are updated weekly and distributed to the HR coordinators. 
  • Finalise the drafting all of the immigration procedures and incorporate feedback and experience to update these procedures regularly. Ensure immigration records are properly maintained and archived

CAL Office Management

  • Manage and/or coordinate CAL support staff. 
  • Coordinates with other departments on behalf of CAL. 
  • Record keeping and management
  • Provide first-tier management to any support staff directly employed by CAL. Facilitate effective communication between CAL Head and such staff. 
  • Communicate effectively with other departments to ensure effective collaboration between CAL and the departments CAL supports and that CAL is adequately supported by such departments. 
  • Maintaining organized records of all registrations, digital signatures, lease deeds, MoUs, contracts, etc. Providing timely notice to the concerned department(s) for registrations/licenses/contracts needing renewal. Maintaining organised records the payment of taxes for expats and expat immigration compliance. Ensuring the registered address of the company has all necessary documents available on-site and the same are updated monthly. Provide a monthly report to operations of the status of all registrations, digital signatures, licenses, and contracts.

 Key Dimensions 


  1. Responsible for maintaining and reporting the CAL budget, ~€200,000 per year. All CAL expenses to be matched against invoices with monthly reporting of the balanced accounts.
  2. Assist the CAL Head in the quarterly re-invoicing of CAL expenses, with all materials to be prepared by the 15th of the month following the conclusion of the quarter.   
  3. Serve as the Company’s focal point for all international financial transactions, ensuring necessary documentation is provided to the banks in a timely fashion and, with support from CAL Finance staff, redistribute revenues to the operations with proper recording. 
  4. Effect proper management of all company bank accounts, including access rights and limitations. 


  1. Ensure that all corporate governance compliance needs are met and that all filings are effected on-time. 
  2. Maintain up-to-date records of the company’s registrations, licenses, certificates, etc and ensure the same is maintained and renewed in a timely fashion. 
  3. Finalise immigration procedures and templates and manage the Immigration Officer’s execution of these procedures.
  4. Provide a monthly report to CAL head for the members of the steering committee covering information as defined by CAL Head. 


  1. Provides corporate governance compliance support for two corporations, ensuring the provision of all necessary materials and the filing of the same, including communications with the directors and shareholders of both corporations. 
  2. Directly manage one CAL staff member: the Immigration Officer. 
  3. Manage the immigration compliance workflow for up to sixty international workers. 
  4. Manage a minimum of twelve corporate bank accounts and approximately fifty bank signatories, with ~50% annual turnover in the bank signatories.  
  5. Effect international invoicing for revenues of approximately 100 crore INR, monitoring and redistributing the same to operational accounts. 
  6. Directly manage the CAL budget (~1.6 crore INR), with the monthly balancing of the CAL expenses, quarterly reinvoicing of CAL expenses across four sources of funding in collaboration with financial staff in Amsterdam. 

 Key Performance Indicators 

  • All necessary board meetings are effected with appropriate notice provided to all participants and the attendant documentation is prepared, executed, and archived timely and appropriately. 
  • The CAL budget is balanced monthly, with a balanced budget report for the prior month provided to CAL head by the 7th the subsequent month, and re-invoicing materials prepared by the 15th of the month following the conclusion of a quarter. 
  • Timely execution of the immigration procedures ensuring the procedures are executed with minimal involvement from CAL Head and operational needs for international workers are met. 
  • Reporting tools (immigration: weekly; steering committee: monthly; budget/reinvoicing: quarterly) are effective and  issued on time. 

 Key Interactions 

  • Company Directors and Shareholders (internal)
  • External Corporate Secretarial firms
  • Human Resource Coordinators (internal)
  • Financial Coordinators (internal)
  • Bankers (external)
  • CAL Immigration Officer
  • CAL Head
  • CAL Finance members 

 Other Indicative Requirements 

Educational Qualifications  & Functional/Technical Skills

Chartered Accountant
Relevant Experience Minimum three (3) years of experience in a corporate compliance and finance position with similar responsibilities. 
Other requirements
  1. Capacity to supervise different procedures simultaneously. 
  2. Ability to maintain organized records for several different procedures and processes simultaneously. 
  3. Capacity to maintain confidential information. 
  4. Experience in communicating with high-level colleagues, including directors, shareholders, and heads of human resources, finance, and operations departments. 
  5. Ability to develop processes and procedures and to implement updates and improvements to the same. 
  6. Ability to learn and apply regulations pertaining to corporate governance, with emphasis on the Companies Act of 2013 and its amendments. 
  7. Ability to maintain budgets, to create efficient tools for budget reporting, and to maintain balanced books of account. 
  8. Proficiency with MS Office especially MS Word and MS Excel.
  9. Experience in representing a corporation with external banking partners. 
  10. Able to be flexible in taking up tasks outside of regular job responsibilities as required.
  11. Ability to work with a high degree of independence and as well as part of a team.
  12. Excellent analytical ability and detail-orientation.
  13. Fluency in spoken and written English

 HR & Benefits 

  • Annual Salary (before TDS): INR 1021128 – INR 1149410
  • 33 paid leaves (prorate from date of joining) and other leaves as per MSF Internal Regulations. 
  • Contributions for statutory benefit programs such as Provident Fund and Gratuity. 
  • Covered under accident insurance 
  • Medical: MSF provides medical reimbursement for employees and their dependents as per MSF India health care policy 
  • A stimulating, professional environment in a reputed international organisation. 

 Application Procedure 

Please clearly state in ‘subject’ of email which position you are applying for and the source from where you saw the job profile and send your CV with cover letter (combined in one word file) to: HR.Support.India@new-delhi.msf.org

Last application date:  21st April 2019


  • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted 
  • Candidates from non-Indian origin applying for this position should have the valid legal working permit.  



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